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I have been singing professionally since 2010, after having had a rather late start in my mid 30s. Since then I have been lucky to meet some amazing teachers and to be trained as a classical singer. This led me to discover sacred music and develop a particular interest in oratorios. 

Lately you can find me as a tenor soloist at the Lawrence Park Community Church, as well as singing in various recitals or concerts in and around Toronto. I also enjoy picking up my guitar and doing approximations of other people's songs.

Vainement, ma bien-aimée (By Edouard Lalo, from "Le roi d'Ys")
If With All Your Hearts (by Felix Mendelssohn, from Elijah)

A few songs and a guitar

O Holy Night, performed in what can only be described as my pyjama
Ain't no grave (live from my living room)
Stand by me (though I'll remain seated because I have no strap on this guitar)