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This is quite a diverse collection of music, ranging from electronic, progressive rock, lyrical singing, and, I guess, pop? I've always found something interesting in different music genres, and as a result was never really able to stick to just one.

You can find below all the albums I've released over the year, categorised by genre (the pinnacle of organisation!). You can also click on an album to read more details about it.


I've always been attracted to instrumental music, whether symphonic or with a more modern approach. And as often when I like a particular genre of music, I end up trying it out.


Electronic music was the first thing that attracted me to music back in the mid eighties (long live the eighties!). Since then I kept being fascinated by sound design, sequencing, its hypnotic repetitive nature, and the exploration of new soundscapes. I've named my electronic project "Re:mind", for unclear reasons.

Pop / Folk / Rock

Well, as rocking / folking / popping as I can get, I guess.


There is nothing like working with talented and like-minded musicians. This is when music comes alive and I've loved every single collaboration I've been lucky to take part in.