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Choral works

I started singing in choirs in my early thirties, and got instantly hooked on what could be done with the human voice. The first big choral work I came across was the St John's Passion by Bach, and it blew my mind. The opening chorus is to this day one of my all time favorite pieces. You can find below a selection of works that might spark some interest.

God's Love

God's Love is a mini-oratorio for SATB and organ. The texts are hand picked from the new testament and there are two tenor recitatives as well as three choruses.

It was premiere during a concert in August 2016 and I made a studio recording that you can look at (or listen to?).

Spring's Saraband

This piece was written for a concert with the Lawrence Parl Community Church, with the theme of Canadian composers. Having just received my Canadian citizenship, I figured I qualified to write something for it.

I found a lovely poem by Canadian poet Bliss Cartman called Spring's Saraband. It is a very evocative poem about nature, and quite naturally lent itself to be put to music.


This is a poem by Amber Earl which was written at the beginning of the pandemic, when the lockdowns were at their worst. It is a wonderful poem of hope and going with the changes.

It hasn't been performed yet, but here is a version with way too many of me.